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Aussie Solar Tech is a top Australian solar retailer sell best solar panel, best solar inverter, best solar battery to produce solar power from solar energy. We are committed to educating our customers and community at large about the use of solar products to generate electricity. We help our customers to maximize their financial benefits from solar energy through regulating their electricity needs. The cost savings on electrical bills and the positive effect on the environment make solar power an increasingly attractive alternative for homes and businesses alike. Therefore, by using Solar Energy at your home/Office, you could be part of the “Green Community.

Values We are Offering

Aussie Solar Tech is an electrical and Solar company based in Mitchell, we possess all relevant industry accreditations like CEC Approved Retailer, our installers are CEC approved, and we have Electrical engineers & designers that are employees of the company.

We have residential and commercial teams that have performed electrical and solar works in ACT, NSW, and Queensland. We believe in being humble and are a close-knit family-run business. We constantly work and support each other to do our very best in terms of working as a team and helping our customers.

Why we are unique

  • Industry Experience

    Use of products that have Australian Warranties and have been tried & Tested

  • Certified, trained, and qualified

    We only use high-quality products to take care of your property and the system's integrity for the whole lifetime. This comprises

  • technologically advanced

    All products quoted are technologically advanced as compared to the basic products being offered in the market.

  • High quality products

    We only use high-quality products to take care of your property and the system's integrity for the whole lifetime. This comprises utilising products of high quality for cabling, conduits, and decktites to mounting systems and panels/inverters)

Together We Can Make The World Safer Place

We are pioneers in the field of Energy Conservation

Our Mission

Our mission is to continue providing the best quality solar equipment enabling the use of sustainable energy sources at the most competitive price.

Echo Friendly
Cost Effective

Five years of experience

We Specialize in Solar Panel Installation

This is the

The upkeep of solar panels is incredibly low-maintenance. It is, however, important to ensure the panels are properly functioning and being as effective and efficient as possible. By simply spraying off dust with a garden hose or using a squeegee to scrub off bird droppings, leaves, etc.


Unless the sun stops shining solar energy will always be accessible. Furthermore, unlike hydropower or wind power, daylight is available everywhere on the earth, virtually everyday of the year. With the invention of solar panels, we can reduce our dependence on coal & fossil fuels, & produce power in a consistently clean & reliable manner.


Unlike common fossil fuels, solar energy fights global warming and climate change by producing pollution-free power. Solar energy doesn’t release carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulpher oxide or other harmful gasses into the air, which greatly reduces the overall damage to the environment. Furthermore, solar energy doesn’t require fuel to operate, which eliminates the need for fuel transportation or storage of radioactive waste.


Electricity is most needed from the middle of the day through early evening. Thankfully, this is also the time of day when solar energy is most abundant. Unlike electricity generators that compete for lowest-price energy accessibility, solar energy is widely available. Not only will this help to drive down the overall price of electricity, but it will also deter electricity generators from competing and bidding higher and higher prices.

Together We Can Make The World Safer Place

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