Jinko Solar Panel

  • Power Capacity: Ranges from 370W to 635W
  • Efficiency: Impressively high, between 20.6% and 23.2%
  • Cell Technology: Involves P-type, N-type, and TOPCon
  • Star Product: Tiger Neo 440W
  • Warranty Duration: Extensive, spanning 12 to 25 years
  • Customer Service Rating: Admirable, 4 out of 5
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As of now, Jinko Solar stands as the globe’s largest solar panel producer. They’re renowned for delivering reliable, economically efficient solar panels tailored for both residential and commercial needs. With a history of setting new standards in solar cell efficiency and innovative advancements, Jinko Solar has positioned itself as a top-tier player in research and innovation. Their recent emphasis on high-performing, cost-effective N-type cells is evident in their Tiger NEO series panels.

Power Capacity: Ranges from 370W to 635W
Efficiency: Impressively high, between 20.6% and 23.2%
Cell Technology: Involves P-type, N-type, and TOPCon
Star Product: Tiger Neo 440W
Warranty Duration: Extensive, spanning 12 to 25 years
Customer Service Rating: Admirable, 4 out of 5

Power (W)

550 - 595
Height (Cm)
220 - 229.9
Width (Cm)
110 - 119.9
Short Circuit Current Isc (A)
14 - 14.99

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