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Australia, proudly, has the highest uptake of residential rooftop solar in the world with millions of home owners realising the benefits of solar power in their day to day electricity management. As the coal fired power stations and retailers continue to play smoke and mirrors with your power bills, the Australian public has had their own ‘light bulb moment’ and realised they are actually now empowered to effect their own change to their own circumstances. With solar power systems now affordable and battery storage becoming more attractive, households can now make their own decisions about how they use their power. As the solar industry continues to evolve, households are being equipped with the tools to not only save money with solar power, but also to store their excess power generation in a dedicated domestic battery for night time use, saving even more money against expensive grid power. On top of that, households are beginning to have the opportunities to actually trade their excess power generation, giving friends, neighbours, family the chance of buying electricity cheaper than grid prices – from their friends!
Essentially, the traditional way of powering your home is coming to an end.
Individuals now have the choice to decide their own energy patterns. Solar, storage, monitoring, trading. Free from the grid. No more retailer rip offs. No more price rises. No more fake discounts.

Aussie Solar Tech has a long and proud history of providing best in class solar systems to households across Australia, providing industry leading components, warranties and service. We are especially excited to now be able to offer solar, storage, monitoring and possible trading solutions for your home.

The solar industry is changing quickly and can be really confusing for a lot of people. We get that. The days of the hard sell are over. Consultation, empathy, knowledge and understanding are the values that underpin our approach to finding the best solution to your particular situation. We work with only best in class components and are uncompromising when it comes to quality, results and service.

You may have a vision for an ‘Off Grid’ solar solution – lets discuss that, it’s possible, even in the city. You may want to explore the potential of storage and trading – lets discuss that, too. It’s time to realise…the power is in your hands.

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